Coffeeneuring Day Seven!

The end of the line! The penultimate ride!

Here’s my Veteran’s Day picture. A picture is worth a thousand words!

I took advantage of the Veteran’s Day exemption and had a little ride through Cherokee Park here in Louisville over to Quills Coffee on Baxter Avenue. Lots and lots of Vet’s Day activity on Fbook and I used the time to chill out and reminisce about things.


I had a regular non-fat Latte and the barista did a very nice presentation, even though I was told non-fat milk limits her ability!


The place was packed but I was able to sit by the  window to watch over my Root Beer bike.

The only bike rack was one of those half moon polished hoops set in the sidewalk. I can’t see how you could lock up to that without scratching the heck out of your bike. Quills has a great selection of coffee swag!


On the ride back, I was able to ride a little of the paved trail at the top of Barringer Hill. With the leaves down it sure was pretty.

All in all, a fun little ride. Ten miles total.

Coffeeneuring has taught me to relax on the bike and chill. Average Speed, bike weight, proper form and technique… or just go ride and explore and have fun? I’ll take fun any day! I’m going to pitch the Louisville Bicycle Club and local coffee shops about really putting River City on the map for the next Coffeeneuring season. Look out Pennsylvania, we’re coming for ya!

Oh! Notice I had my radical Caffino shirt on!


Coffeeneuring Day Six sniff sniff

A beautiful weekend in Louisville! And I’ve got a cold so I don’t feel like riding. But time is short and the Challenge forces me outside! Thankfully, my girl goes with me and we ride a really short ride (like the hangover ride) to the local Starbucks.


I don’t even have to put air in the tires on the city/cross/touring bike. But the Lemond my wife is on needs LOTS of air, she hasn’t ridden it in forever.


I get the winter treat! A Salted Caramel Mocha, small, that really tastes like heaven!
20151108_140141 (1)

We get FIVE miles. Ugh. My second shortest coffee ride. See you on Veteran’s Day!

Coffeeneuring Day Five

What a blessing it is to have good friends, a good city, health, and good coffee!

I called my buds Mac and Jim J. and invited them to go with me. I’ve been having a lot of fun solo but I felt I owed these guys a ride and they make for very pleasant company.


My plan was to do a long ride but I had a bailout option just in case.  The bailout would NOT have worked because they were closed for “Tea Training”, whatever that is!


So we basically rode down my new favorite route towards downtown. Passed several shops along the way, Starbucks and Heine Bros., and ended up at VINT on Frankfort. VINT offers wine as well as coffee/sconey stuff so they are always hopping. Nice baristas made us boys some good stuff and we were on it! I had the regular coffee black and a chive and cheese scones. Louisville must be in a chive glut or something because the herb is into everything lately.


CN5_102515_0004 CN5_102515_0005

Then down Frankfort to Mellwood and out to the Ohio to watch some cyclocross racing. The boys needed to get home and be domestic cats so they split. The day had turned really nice and warm and sunny.  Great day to spectate. I watched the women’s elite and then the start of the men’s elite, walking my bike around the course, before heading home.


I started back up River Road and was joined by Kelly, Rick and Bob from the LBC out doing their Sunday ride. We pacelined it on River Road and sat up to chat on Glenview Hill. Thanks for the company!  Then on home.  Wonderful day. the Root Beer Float bike is a Redline Conquest Classic, only made a couple of years with a steel frame and fork and retro chromed fork bottoms and stays. Discs. Rack and trunk. Big ol’ fat 700×38 road tires at 75 psi. Saweet!


Coffeeneuring Day Four

Splendid!  Just …. Splendid!  Nice sleep, cuddly dog, blue sky with bright sun, friends, bicycles, conversation, exercise, and coffee!

Met Paul and Rhonda P. down in the Highlands for a ride.

We rode down the Beargrass Creek Trail to the Ohio, across on the Big Four bridge to the Falls.

The Falls are why Louisville is where it is since boats had to be unloaded and the goods portaged around the Falls. So bars, stores, churches, and whorehouses sprang up!

Then back across the river to town.

Luckily, Bardstown Road was closed to traffic in the Highlands for “Cyclouvia”, a celebration of non-motorized travel. We had a nice lunch and rode down to Safai for coffee.


The shop is owned by my old friends Mike and Medora who roast coffee beans out in La Grange, KY and ship them all over. The Safais used to own a chain of coffee shops in town but now they own only this one. I had a regular-sized “pour over” and it was very tasty indeed!

The beans are UNGROUND until right before you get your pour over! Excellent!

Then back to P and R’s house. Another successful coffee ride in the books. This is a helluva lotta fun!  15 or so miles.


Coffeeneuring Day Three

What a wonderful day for a bike ride! Awoke feeling puny due to several factors: tired from a late night of work, lonely due to the absence of L and S, diminished by the cold temps (okay, it was 50 degrees or so, not exactly Arctic air). Wandered around scratching and surfing and petting the pup. Finally got on the Root Beer Float bike at around 2 pm, destination: Please and Thank You Cafe in NuLu. I rode the same route as on CN 1 but continued into the NuLu are and found the shop. TINY but bustling with activity.



Nice lady took my order and I found a place by the window to watch the bike outside.


Got a stiff regular black coffee and a scrambled egg, white cheese, apricot jelly on a chive and cheese scone sandwich. Yum!


Feeling mighty refreshed I decided to take the long way home down River Rd. Checked in on the new Ohio River bridge downtown. Saw Joy H and a friend and had a chat.


Had a nice spin home. They were playing some metal music on the lawn at the riverfront and I had that in my head on the flat but when I came up the hill I started humming Looking For Clues, an old Robert Palmer classic that’s bouncy and fun. 31 miles total!


Coffeeneuring Day Two

The day didn’t start out so well. Actually, if you look at the 24 hour day, it started out well! L and I were at an Oktoberfest party til at least 1 am and it all went downhill from there! I had a RAGING HANGOVER. Think croquet mallet to the head. Think drywall hammer to the temple. Think of Joe Pesci squeezing the guy’s head in a vice!  Something in the German beer did NOT agree with me and I rolled around feeling nauseated until around 3 pm. Decided I just couldn’t miss a little ride on such a nice day. So I saddled up.

Rode south to the Blankenbaker Heine Bros. Coffee. Much more modern facility.

Same friendly baristas loving my reason for being there. Got the iced and chilled out. Felt better.

Until I mounted the Root Beer float bike and heard a slapping noise and saw that my rear tire was completely flat. Like the tire itself was rolling off the rim.  I just said, “to hell with it” and called in L with the pickup for a ride home.

Swapped out the tube and found the valve stem had started to come out of the rubber on the old one. That’ll make a flat any time…

Coffeeneuring, Day One

My first foray into the coffeeneuring world. Just hop on the bike and ride at least a mile and drink a cup of coffee, even brew your own. The brewing will come later.

For today, I decided to ride the Root Beer bike on a little city ramble.  So I worked my way out of the neighborhood heading west thru the Shelby Campus, down Whipps Mill, up Herr Lane, out Westport and Frankfort to the Heine Brothers on Frankfort Avenue.

Bacon and Cheese Scone, Coffee, NYT!  All's good!

Bacon and Cheese Scone, Coffee, NYT! All’s good!

I explained to the baristas what I was doing and how I am going to single-handedly start coffeeneuring in the Ville. They were all excited. Of course, Heine’s is a perfect place to start, being the dominant local coffee player.

From there I headed down Frankfort to Mellwood and over to Zorn and up the hill. Then back to The Creek for Oktoberfest.  Good times.