Coffeeneuring Day Five

What a blessing it is to have good friends, a good city, health, and good coffee!

I called my buds Mac and Jim J. and invited them to go with me. I’ve been having a lot of fun solo but I felt I owed these guys a ride and they make for very pleasant company.


My plan was to do a long ride but I had a bailout option just in case.  The bailout would NOT have worked because they were closed for “Tea Training”, whatever that is!


So we basically rode down my new favorite route towards downtown. Passed several shops along the way, Starbucks and Heine Bros., and ended up at VINT on Frankfort. VINT offers wine as well as coffee/sconey stuff so they are always hopping. Nice baristas made us boys some good stuff and we were on it! I had the regular coffee black and a chive and cheese scones. Louisville must be in a chive glut or something because the herb is into everything lately.


CN5_102515_0004 CN5_102515_0005

Then down Frankfort to Mellwood and out to the Ohio to watch some cyclocross racing. The boys needed to get home and be domestic cats so they split. The day had turned really nice and warm and sunny.  Great day to spectate. I watched the women’s elite and then the start of the men’s elite, walking my bike around the course, before heading home.


I started back up River Road and was joined by Kelly, Rick and Bob from the LBC out doing their Sunday ride. We pacelined it on River Road and sat up to chat on Glenview Hill. Thanks for the company!  Then on home.  Wonderful day. the Root Beer Float bike is a Redline Conquest Classic, only made a couple of years with a steel frame and fork and retro chromed fork bottoms and stays. Discs. Rack and trunk. Big ol’ fat 700×38 road tires at 75 psi. Saweet!