Coffeeneuring, Day One

My first foray into the coffeeneuring world. Just hop on the bike and ride at least a mile and drink a cup of coffee, even brew your own. The brewing will come later.

For today, I decided to ride the Root Beer bike on a little city ramble.  So I worked my way out of the neighborhood heading west thru the Shelby Campus, down Whipps Mill, up Herr Lane, out Westport and Frankfort to the Heine Brothers on Frankfort Avenue.

Bacon and Cheese Scone, Coffee, NYT!  All's good!

Bacon and Cheese Scone, Coffee, NYT! All’s good!

I explained to the baristas what I was doing and how I am going to single-handedly start coffeeneuring in the Ville. They were all excited. Of course, Heine’s is a perfect place to start, being the dominant local coffee player.

From there I headed down Frankfort to Mellwood and over to Zorn and up the hill. Then back to The Creek for Oktoberfest.  Good times.