Coffeeneuring Day Four

Splendid!  Just …. Splendid!  Nice sleep, cuddly dog, blue sky with bright sun, friends, bicycles, conversation, exercise, and coffee!

Met Paul and Rhonda P. down in the Highlands for a ride.

We rode down the Beargrass Creek Trail to the Ohio, across on the Big Four bridge to the Falls.

The Falls are why Louisville is where it is since boats had to be unloaded and the goods portaged around the Falls. So bars, stores, churches, and whorehouses sprang up!

Then back across the river to town.

Luckily, Bardstown Road was closed to traffic in the Highlands for “Cyclouvia”, a celebration of non-motorized travel. We had a nice lunch and rode down to Safai for coffee.


The shop is owned by my old friends Mike and Medora who roast coffee beans out in La Grange, KY and ship them all over. The Safais used to own a chain of coffee shops in town but now they own only this one. I had a regular-sized “pour over” and it was very tasty indeed!

The beans are UNGROUND until right before you get your pour over! Excellent!

Then back to P and R’s house. Another successful coffee ride in the books. This is a helluva lotta fun!  15 or so miles.