Coffeeneuring Day Three

What a wonderful day for a bike ride! Awoke feeling puny due to several factors: tired from a late night of work, lonely due to the absence of L and S, diminished by the cold temps (okay, it was 50 degrees or so, not exactly Arctic air). Wandered around scratching and surfing and petting the pup. Finally got on the Root Beer Float bike at around 2 pm, destination: Please and Thank You Cafe in NuLu. I rode the same route as on CN 1 but continued into the NuLu are and found the shop. TINY but bustling with activity.



Nice lady took my order and I found a place by the window to watch the bike outside.


Got a stiff regular black coffee and a scrambled egg, white cheese, apricot jelly on a chive and cheese scone sandwich. Yum!


Feeling mighty refreshed I decided to take the long way home down River Rd. Checked in on the new Ohio River bridge downtown. Saw Joy H and a friend and had a chat.


Had a nice spin home. They were playing some metal music on the lawn at the riverfront and I had that in my head on the flat but when I came up the hill I started humming Looking For Clues, an old Robert Palmer classic that’s bouncy and fun. 31 miles total!