Coffeeneuring Day Seven!

The end of the line! The penultimate ride!

Here’s my Veteran’s Day picture. A picture is worth a thousand words!

I took advantage of the Veteran’s Day exemption and had a little ride through Cherokee Park here in Louisville over to Quills Coffee on Baxter Avenue. Lots and lots of Vet’s Day activity on Fbook and I used the time to chill out and reminisce about things.


I had a regular non-fat Latte and the barista did a very nice presentation, even though I was told non-fat milk limits her ability!


The place was packed but I was able to sit by the  window to watch over my Root Beer bike.

The only bike rack was one of those half moon polished hoops set in the sidewalk. I can’t see how you could lock up to that without scratching the heck out of your bike. Quills has a great selection of coffee swag!


On the ride back, I was able to ride a little of the paved trail at the top of Barringer Hill. With the leaves down it sure was pretty.

All in all, a fun little ride. Ten miles total.

Coffeeneuring has taught me to relax on the bike and chill. Average Speed, bike weight, proper form and technique… or just go ride and explore and have fun? I’ll take fun any day! I’m going to pitch the Louisville Bicycle Club and local coffee shops about really putting River City on the map for the next Coffeeneuring season. Look out Pennsylvania, we’re coming for ya!

Oh! Notice I had my radical Caffino shirt on!